Monday, February 15, 2010

Date #1

STOP READING: If you are participating in "The Great Date Experience" and haven't done Date One yet skip reading this post. Ryan and I had a really great date and I am so excited for next months date already.

We printed out our packet and sat in the car and read our instructions. I started panicking when the challenge throughout the date was for the husbands to kiss their wives at each red light until the person behind you honks there horn. We did this at the1st light and we got a honk. At the 2nd light the same person was behind us so we didn't do it again. At the third light we started kissing but the person behind never honked so we got nervous and finally went and they missed the light =(

Our 1st Exclamation Point was to go to a place to eat and tell the server that you have $10 dollars and for them to choose something off the menu for you. We ended up with a Peach and Mango Smoothie from Baskin Robbins. The girl we ordered from gave us a laugh but she helped pick it out. I'm sure she thought we were corny when we were taking pictures of us drinking those smoothies but we didn't care.

(We forgot to hold up the exclamation point as we were told to while documenting this date but you can see them on the table)

Our 2nd Point was to find an activity we were already planning on seeing Avatar 3D which is a great movie by the way. I kept telling Ryan that it reminded me of the Revelation that will happen on Earth and what the 7 years will be like. He didn't see the correlation. I know this movie isn't based off of Christianity but It kept reminding me of the end times. After we watched the movie we did some communication activity that was fun it really helped us to decide what we are going to do weekly that is "our" thing and make a point to do that each week. We chose fitness together.
Our next instructions were to drive to a grocery store and go inside. Then using only $2 dollars,split up and find a dessert for the other that they have never had before that you think they would like. Ryan got me a donut bar with sprinkles and I got him this slice of cherry pie. It was super fun running around and trying to think of what the other would like and sneaking so we didn't see what the other was buying. Then we met up and went to the car to surprise each other.

Our last point when we got home was to sneak around outside and carve our initials in a tree to remind us of our date or alternative we could use a wall in our home to record this date and as our marriage grows and and changes we could document each date and important events.

We chose my walk in closet wall and added the date and initials on the wall. I cant wait to see this wall filled with all of the special things we are going to do together.

I love you baby I had such a fun time with you!

When we got home we sent my parents home and snuck in to check on Landon. He heard us and started whining so we picked him up I could nurse him. He was on fire. His cheeks were bright red and it hurt to hold his hot body against mine. Ryan brought me the thermometer and it read 104.3. Yikes! We gave him Tylenol and talked to the advice nurse. After an hour it dropped too 100.5 and we put him back to bed. This morning I woke up in a panic because he didn't wake up at all last night to nurse. I snuck in to check and he was sleeping. When he finally woke up he had watery swollen eyes and a stuffy nose. Poor lil guy! He was all smiles and happy as could be today despite having a fever.

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  1. How fun!!! And that is totally cute how you marked it on your closet wall. That'll be cool to look back on later in life, and even to show Landon when he's old enough to understand. Maybe he'll do it with his wife, and so on. You may have just started a family tradition!


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