Friday, February 12, 2010

The Great Date Experiment

Ryan and I have been serious about doing weekly date night and it has been oh so hard since Landon has been having issues/fussiness in the evening. I am tempted to find a sitter to come to the house after hes in bed. He really relies on going to bed no later then 8:30pm and most nights 7:30pm. I have my mom coming over tomorrow night to babysit for our first date.

Here is something really cool for married couples. It an experience to challenge you and bring you closer. I first read about this over on Jennifers blog first. Check out this video HERE to learn all about it. I challenge you to try this experience. I think it sounds so fun and I hope Ryan and I complete all 6 dates and challenges. Here are the pages to print for our first date Here
February 14th
March 5th
March 19th
April 9th
April 23rd
May 7th

Let me know if your going to try doing this. Ryan and I are going tomorrow night and I plan to blog about our adventures.

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  1. Sounds like fun, and a really good idea. I'd love to do it but Terry won't be here for the last 4 dates, and I'd be dating myself. I think this defeats the purpose! HAHA =)


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