Friday, February 5, 2010

Lil cowpoke

Catch up time! I plan to blog my million pictures I need to catch up on in the next week or two so all of the photos will be from Christmas through January. That is why you will see a paci in Landons mouth because the pictures are in the past. We are two weeks drama free from the paci and doing great. He didn't even care one bit and we were successful and I am proud of myself and Landon also. I think his attitude is even better since the dismissal of the paci. When we tried back in December he was teething his 2nd tooth and was very grumpy but this time he is a stud and hasnt even wanted one. Naps and bedtime is still the same as if he never took one.

These pictures are from Landons great Grandma & Grandpas house on Christmas Day. His great aunt and uncle gave him some cowboy boots, western pants and jean jacket with a cowboy hat. One day when hes older he will get his own miniature horse to ride at his grandmas house. I swear thats what my mom told me and Im going to hold her to it.

His great grandma knitted this hat and scarf for him. Well at least I think it was knitted now I forget she would kill me if I got it wrong. It was either knitted or crotched. I totally forgot this difference. Anyways its cute and I love the color because it matches his eyes.

His absolutely favorite gift he got for Christmas was this Little Tikes car with parent handle. We tried it out at Toys R Us and he was screaming with laughter. He wouldn't sit down and all he wanted to do was stand up while he was driving.
The best part of the whole toy is that Bella can ride in the trunk in the front.

After leaving my Grandparents house we went back to Ryans parents house for dessert and family photos.

Yeah I'm finally done with the Christmas photos. Woohoo we went so many places and did so many things just took me forever to get them up. Onto newer things.

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  1. I love the cowboy outfit and the boots, I just love kids in cowboy boots. I also LOVE his car that would be AWESOME for Eva.
    Good luck catching up on the photos I know I have been WAY Behind.
    Crystal and Eva

  2. I love his little cowboy outfit! I just had Ian pics done and his is naked with only a cowboy hat and cowboy boots on lol the things we do to our kids :-)


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