Saturday, February 13, 2010

Monkey See-Monkey Do

Landon really wanted this toy on the shelf. He was reaching for it but ended up pushing it in further. So he decided to go after it. After figuring out how to get his head under the ledge(took about 5 minutes of trying)

He reached for it again but it rolled out further

I headed around to the other side.


He made it

All that work to get the toy and he saw a ball instead. Go figure!
Crazy weekend ahead, we went to eat at Claim Jumpers last night for my birthday dinner with my family. We have had to reschedule Landons 9 month photos twice due to rain. So as long as it doesnt rain this morning we will take his photos. Afterwards we have to go to Sea Otter swim for Landons Daddy and Me swim lessons.

Then tonight hubby and I are going on out 1st Date for Valentines. We have a pretty cool tradition I think going on. Each year we trade off and surprise the other one with something special. This year is my year so Saturday night my mom is coming over and we are going to see Avatar in 3D while she babysits. We will probably go to dinner at Mongolian BBQ because its that yummy. I want my hubby to think that is his Valentines Surprise. The next day on Sunday I am filling a glass jar with Gummy bears and attaching a ribbon with a small circle card that reads (I cant "bear" to live without you) When he comes home from work I am going to have a candlelight 3 course dinner ready for him including Wine. I never cook for him so this will just blow him out of the water.
Sunday I take Landon to The little Gym for gymnastic classes. He is doing so well I am going to move him to the other baby class because he is to advanced for the 1st baby class and outgrowing the class. This will be our first time in the older class and he should have fun copying some older kids and their skills vs the other babies that were crawling yet.
Hope everyone has a great Valentines Day tomorrow! If I was single this years Valentines falls on the best day I would go get myself some Chinese food and ice cream and watch Lifetime movies all day. I love Lifetime but I never get to watch them since Landons arrival. Maybe that is my dream Valentines date HA!

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