Friday, February 26, 2010

Mr. Muscles

The other day I showed a picture of Landon popping a bubble, but I didn't mention we were at his gymnastics class. Every Sunday we have participated in a class for 4-10 month olds. I recently moved him up to the 10-36mo class because he was literally crawling, walking and almost knocking over the younger babies in the class. We love the new class there is a 10 mo, 12 mo old and a 15 mo old in the class. We go there early on Sunday morning before church. Since my husband works on Sundays its a perfect way for Landon and & I to spend sometime together. My husband had a day off so I made him come so I could show him all the things he has learned.
Daddy was helping Landon walk across sideyways and Landon kept leaning forward so he could swing and hang from the bar.

Nose to the bar Mr muscles.

climbing up the stairs

walking across the bridge

This is what I find the most amazing. He can walk across the balance beam one foot in front of the other and doesn't step off. None of the other kids can do that. He must have got my high heel walking gene. Ha lol

Read Set go...tuck your head...and roll

We are getting so good at walking that when being held by one hand we are running.

He loves to hang on his own

He loves to be here

Future soccer player here. He definitely got this gene from his dad. Hes great at kicking.

Its almost time to go because its bubble time. This is the only part of the class that he just sits still for. Its like he is mesmerized by the bubbles. When he was 7mo he used to reach out to pop the bubbles but lately he just stares at the bubbles like he is in a trance.

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