Friday, February 12, 2010

One step two steps more and Pre-Valentines

Yesterday we had our Preschool Valentines Party. Landon got lots of Valentines from his friends.

Last night my baby walked 6 steps several times in a row. Even though he took his 1st steps a month ago I was saying no way are we ready to walk, but now we are completely ready. I'm thinking right around the time he turns 10months he should be walking on his own. We got out the video to record this event but it was late at night so the video was to dark. I hope to try again this weekend when its brighter in the house.

He also started clapping yesterday. I was playing with two other babies across the room and I looked over at him and said peek-a-boo to him and he started laughing and clapped his hands. I have been clapping my hands off since we went to the doctors office two weeks ago and they gave me the what your baby could be doing at 9 months flier. I saw clapping on there and it was the only thing he couldn't do. We went to my MIL last night for her birthday and he was walking up and down her hallway with his push along walk behind walker. We would all say good job and clap for him. He clapped all evening showing off his new skills.
He had to stop several times along the way to open the ports to the central vacuum system and look inside.
Ha! I love this face as if he got caught doing something he shouldn't. Notice ultra cute Valentines shirt that says "MAMAS BOY" I heart it so much

He started this week putting the rings back on the ring sorter and I was able to capture him playing with it. This will hold his attention for about 15 minutes

My FIL made omelets for dinner and I had him make Landon an egg yolk omelet and the kid ate the whole thing plus half of an avocado. My MIL told him he is definitely a California Baby eating eggs and avocado. We bought her a license plate frame that says LANDONS NANA for her car. She loved it.

On Tuesday morning when I picked Landon up from his crib I noticed a top tooth poking through. That is his third tooth. Its been over two months since he got his two bottom teeth. He had been running a 99.8 temp and only wanted to be held the last day or two so one again I should have realized he was teething. I'm still amazed that he doesn't ever drool. Like never! In fact I was kinda sad when I went through his closet yesterday and saw of these super cute bibs with the tags still attached to them. I packed them up and maybe the next baby will get to use them.I have the day off today and headed for the gym shortly then to meet up with my mom and dad and grandma and grandpa for my birthday dinner at Claim Jumpers. They weren't able to make it last week for my dinner at Crush29.

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