Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rice, Restaurants & Daddies Birthday

Ryan recently exposed me to a very yummy restaurant. Mongolian BBQ Ive never been there because I don't like meat that much but I was quite shocked when I was able to make my bowl of noodles made the way I wanted. It was soooooo good we will definitely be going back. Landon got to try out sticky rice and he loved it. How healthy too! I'm going to make him some at home it kept him occupied for quite along time and he got to practice his fine motor skills.

We also love the organic puffs
We ate at a brand new restaurant for daddies 31st birthday(December 29th) called Suede Blue. I always bring along Landons chair and tiny diner to hook right on the table. The restaurant high chairs give me the heebie jeebies. Landon is so LOUD I try to keep his mouth busy but he happy screams all the time. People smile and say how cute he is I figure that is only because he is small. As he gets older people will find it annoying real quick. I'm totally self conscious about it because I dont want to be that person with the out of control baby. One of us always ends up walking around with him to distract him, this time especially since we were at a nice seafood restaurant.

The Dorn family celebrating

First birthday as a father

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  1. Aww Happy birthday Dadda!
    My first one was a screamer at resturant we had to keep food in his mouth the whole time lol! Have u tried any of the Gerber Graduate snacks, Ian love the puffs and baby Cheettos (not sure what there called).
    He is sooooo precious!!!


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