Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Swim Lessons

(Do you spy my teeth now when I smile)

Guess where my mom & dad take me every Saturday morning?

Yep thats right, to swim lessons. My dad and I get in the water for a half hour each week for a daddy and me class. We sing songs, practice climbing out of the water, jumping back in & and we even go under water for a quick second. One of my favorite things is practicing kicking and splashing when my dad says "splash". I get so excited each week when I see the pool. I'm just happy the pool is heated to 92 degrees. Mom says I get to go to classes until June. Isn't that cool, I'll totally be ready to swim in Nanas pool by then.

My Nana came and watched me last week and this week my great Grandpa and my grandma came and watched me. We went to their house afterwards to eat lunch but all I wanted to do was play with their Dvd player but mom said No, No, No and gave me her cell phone to play with instead.

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