Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dr Suessical

This week we have celebrated Dr Seuss Birthday by having a whole themed week. Today we had a Cat in the Hat celebration and made Hats and sang Dr Seuss Happy Birthday. Landon was so excited to be in the preschool room instead of the toddler room. He climbed up in this chair and just sat at the table, something he hasn't been able to do until today. He must of felt so big. We read "I can read with my eyes shut", sang Happy Birthday and had a cookie for Dr Seuss.

Tomorrow we are having Fox and Sox day. The children are going to wear mismatched socks to school and we will read "Fox and Sox" and then we are going to play a match the pairs of socks game. This is a easy and fun game you can do at home with your kids even if you just have a baby. Go into their sock drawer and grab a few different pairs of socks and separate them. Lay out one half of the socks on the floor give the other pairs to your child and have them try to match the pairs up. Remove the socks after they make a match. You could do just 3 pairs of socks for younger children but older preschoolers should be able to match up to ten pairs of socks easily. Help them by pointing out the similarities like this sock has green stripes does one of your socks have green stripes or can you find the other flowers that match this sock. Some of these words may be new to your child and its an excellent hands on exposure to the new vocabulary. Best of all this game is FREE. Gotta love that. We keep a matching sock basket on our preschool shelf for the children to match as an activity and it cost me nothing as they are all my sons newborn socks.
Celebrate Dr Seuss birthday by reading a Suess book to your child.
Whats your or your childs Favorite Suess Book?

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  1. I love the sock day. So cute.

    That picture of Landon in his dr. Suess hat is the cutest ever! I love that.

    What a fun school he goes to.

  2. I would love to do a blog makeover for you. Please e-mail me at

  3. Riley, Riley, Riley... LOL

    And Emma F is HUGE! You should email me some pictures when you get the chance!

    Landon looks like he belongs in the preschool room! He's so big now, he's growing fast! =)


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