Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our New Ride

Wow I never thought I wouldn't have even 5 minutes to upload my blog. Things are just so busy right now. I still feel like there isn't enough time in the day for relaxation. I'm not even going to school right now and I'm still busy. I have been training 5-6 days a week for my triathlon. I was going to the gym a lot but Landon wont stay in the Gym daycare more then 20 minutes before they start calling me over the main speaker. I feel bad for him but I don't see why he is so panicked to be in there. He cant even catch his breath when I get him and does the little hiccup noise for 15 minutes after he is calmed down in my arms. Oh man can this little boy hold his breath before his loud scream comes out. I haven't counted but I'm sure were somewhere between 45-60 seconds. His lips will even turn blue. Hopefully he'll grow out of it but then again hes been doing it since he was 8 weeks old.

So I have been using my jog stroller to run with him to avoid the gym. I recently got my bike back out and hadn't rode it since before I got pregnant. The tires were completely flat. Well I filled them back up got on and rode. I only went once the first week and I forgot how bad it hurts the next day. The next week I went twice and then I remembered how much I love riding. This past week I trained 6 days and rode over 70 miles.

This is my Training Schedule right now

Monday-Rest Day

Tuesday -Tri-training (Swim,Bike, Run)

Wednesday -Bootcamp

Thursday-Tri Training Again (Swim,Bike,Run)

Friday -Long Bike Ride or Swim


Sunday -Long Bike Ride pulling Landon

So that I can spend so much time on my bike I recently made the best purchase ever. My new Chariot Bike Trailer. I love it but most importantly Landon loves it.
See my happy boy? He has since he was a newborn hate to be strapped down to anything he just wants to go go go. So seeing him sit in there make me so happy. Especially since he is fully walking now he doesn't sit around for long. I installed a bike bell inside for him to ring while were on the bike trail. I bring a few toys, a blanket for his lap and a straw sippy cup full of water and were good to go.

The Best part is I used my two REI giftcards to purchase this trailer. The salesperson told me about how they have 2009 closeout trailers for half off. I asked what the difference between the 2009 and the 2010 and he said the color, thats it, so I bought the 09' and only paid $8.63 cents for it. It even matches my bike!! So cool!

Taking a cruise around the neighborhood is fun but we love the bike trail along the American River and can get going really fast on the rolling hills. This may be why he is willing to sit still because he is actually moving. The trail is beautiful. The running water, birds, deer, squirrels and nature around us. I finally finally see some progress on the scale. I have been training hard for a few months now but was only gaining weight and then the scale just stayed put. This past week I lost 3 pounds. I finally weigh less then I did the day I got pregnant. Now I need to loose all of my fertility Meds weight. If I can get down to what I weighed before I would be so ecstatic. Having PCOS has made it so much harder to loose the weight though. Since its an insulin problem its hard to loose the stubborn belly fat. I recently learned that what the typical dieter eats wont work for a PCOS person. People who have PCOS need to eat a Low Glycemic Diet. Its crazy all the things I have been learning about this low glycemic diet. I have been eating what it says and I even have Landon and Ryan eating the meals to. My mom bought me two cookbooks but my favorite is The idiots Guide to eating Low Glycemic. It explained it in a way that I can understand and the food is yummy and its nothing extraordinary. Its just everyday food I buy at the grocery store and I don't need to be eating diet food. Its even healthy for the boys.

Away we go, See ya Later!

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