Saturday, March 6, 2010

Were 10 months now!

Can you believe it were already 10months and just 2 short months until we celebrate the first birthday. Growing bigger and stronger each day.

Still thinks he as funny as ever.

Still climbing over, under and through anything and everything.

Much bigger then my sissy.

Since its only 2 months away I thought I would show off my birthday suit.

Current weight 18. 5.5oz 5-10%

Current height 28.5 inches 25%
Has 4 Teeth now

Sleeping:Ocasionally sleeping through the night, wakes typically once a night around 3-5am to nurse

Food: Still eating everything we throw out of him. Is starting to prefer feeding himself vs someone spoonfeeding him. Completly self-feeds himself fruits and veggies. We will try some self feeding with a spoon this next month.

New this month:
1st time being left in the church nursery and didnt cry at all

1st time he stayed at the gym daycare without being called over the overhead speaker

Started clapping

New Intrest is pushing buttons on items

Says vroooom while crawling on just his knees with hands on his truck

Hes pointing now but its more of a curled hand ponting at things

Can get on and off riding toys all by himself
First Ear Infection this month and two weeks later 2nd one

Wants to breastfeed constantly and wants to stay on the breast for comfort/sleep for long periods of time

New favorite word is mmm..k and OK

Can point to his hair when asked Wheres your hair?
Gives kisses when asked
Starting to get really cuddly (Loving this)

Can recognize some familiar objects, Go Get the ball, go get the truck

Walking between people about 8 steps and learning to rebalance himself

Walking from a table to to another object a few feet away. Were so close, he just needs a little more confidence.

Bye Bye Ya'll Come back again!

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  1. Ha, Don't you just love those tiny little hiney's these little babies have.

    I love that he says "vroom" when he's playing with his trucks. So cute.

    I left you an award on my blog =)

  2. His smile is just heartwarming!! His little tush hehe :) Happy 10 months cutie-pa-tootie!


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