Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Before I forget (Speech)

New words said this week:

Nana (Couple weeks ago)

Kitty Cat


All Done



Duck _Wait for the funy story about this


Obssesed with these saying
Whats dat?

Dog -He will say 100 times if he sees one but is still terrified of them

I reall havent had any time to blog Im so busy with training 6days a week, my husband broke his ankle so I am doing EVERYTHING, and planning a first birthday party as well as two big field trips for the daycare. I am also still working on my accredidation and preparing for my huge day in July. I will so need a vacation this Summer. I have two long blog drafts coming with the funniest story about Ducks/Geese. I also got the first haircut done at the haircutting place. Its so cute cant wait to share.

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  1. Wow check out all those new words he's saying. How fun. I hope your enjoying planning his b-day. :)


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