Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hoppy Easter

This year we attended Easter Sunday Service on Saturday evening. This being Landons first Easter we wanted both of our parents be able to spend some time with him so we did my parents on Saturday and his parents on Sunday.
My grandparents, parents, my God-daughter, Ryan and I all attended church. Landon and Kylee both went the childrens program. Landon is in the 8-12 month old class but he was the only baby so she ended up bring him into the 19+ month old class because he was bored. She said he did great and didn't cry once.
Afterwards we went to Olive Garden to eat. It was so delicious but Landon was tired and already full from the snack I packed for him to eat at the Nursery so he was tired and letting us know how he felt about it. This is the first time we have had a meal where I wanted to leave or at least eat fast and get out of there.

My mom gave Landon his Easter bag. Cute Summer pirate jammies, two pairs of Pirate socks, Pottery Barn hooded towel for his swim lessons, one of the wands that you push the button and the led lights spin inside (like you get at Disney on Ice) and acute lil egg that you push the button and hide it and it says lots of sayings like "yohoooo Im over here, your getting closer".

The next day we went to Ryans parents house. I had planned to get some pictures of him hunting eggs in the grass but it was pouring rain so we let him open his Easter gift and will do the egg hunt when the weather is better. He'll never know. =) He got a bunch of outfits from Janie & Jack, a Caterpillar toy and a police car that rolls when you pull it backward.

We had a nice Honeybake ham, potatoes, and lime green beans and I am still shocked at how much my lil boy can eat. He didnt care for the green beans but my my my he ate so much. I just started giving him strawberries and havent had any issues.
After Dinner Landon started getting really fussy so I decided to switch him out of his Easter outfit and into his jammies and I noticed he was warm. I took his temp and it was 100. I gave him a bath to cool him down and he fell asleep nursing shortly after.

Im so proud of all his walking he rarely crawls anymore. When he is outside and he feels like crawling he does the adorable knees off the ground monkey crawl. As Dr Seuss book"Oh the places you'll go"

After dinner we had the most delicious cake from Ettores a lemon cake with chocolate fondant. When we got home I unbuckled Landon from the carseat and noticed he was warmer. I took his temp and it was 103. Gave him some Motrin and held him for a bit (Yes the boy can even take medicine while hes asleep). His breathing was a lil labored while he was sleeping so I didnt want to put him down right away.
The next day his fever came back and reached 105 at night, my mom and I took him into the Emergency Room and they checked us in and did the triage, his temp was down to 102 because I brought him in just his diaper. His pulse rate was very high but that is expected with a fever. She gave him Motrin and sent us back out to the waiting room to see if that would help. He was whiny and lethargic the first hour we were there. He hadn't even opened his eyes. I had to go to the bathroom so I handed him to my mom and and he went into a complete panic attack holding his breath as usual and when I got back she said his fever just broke as he got all sweaty.
We waited another hour when we started talking to other people who said they had been there since 4pm and another 6am. They were both sent back to the waiting room as there was no room in the back and people were in beds in the hallway. We decided to leave as his fever was gone and he was looking much better.
I took him in the next morning to the doctor to check for an ear infection which I was sure that he had. To my surprise he didn't have though. Hes had 4 ear infections in the last 6 weeks. He never ended up getting another fever and it was unexplained why he had a fever for three days. So strange but this isn't the first time this has happened.

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  1. Oh my goodness, poor baby, that sounds terrible. I'm so glad his fever went down.

    I do love all the Easter pics though. It looks like you had a great Easter with both sides of the family =)


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