Thursday, April 8, 2010

Im 11 Months Now

Weight: 19.3 pounds

Height: 28.5

Shoe size: 2 (feet haven't grown since he was 2 months)

Thats right people Im 11 Months already. Everyday Im doing new things, Im no longer looking like a baby and starting to look like a big boy more and more especially since Im in the upright position and rarely crawling anymore. My mom will have to start chasing me soon. Im fully walking and occasionally running. I can turn directions while walking , walk around objects and mommy hasn't seen but daddy has twice seen me stoop and recover.

New Tricks:

Holds any object to his head and says Hi like hes talking on the phone

Grabs my finger and brings it to an object he wants me to open or say the word

Tantrums and Screaming =(

Gives Kisses when asked

Finally gives real hugs and cuddles

Will pop out behind something to play peek-a-boo

Turns pages in books and studies the pages (Favorite Book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear)

Can stack 4 blocks on top of each other

Can climb on and off a tricycle

Stands on his rocking chair and his scooter and rocks it back and forth

Can hold a crayon and make lines on the paper

Points to where he wants you to take him

Points at objects and ask whats that

New Words:

Hi when greeting people
Whats dat?
What is it?
Right there








Okay-Okay (My favorite and his most used word)


Vrooom while pushing his cars on the floor

He calls me Mom or Mama now (no more mom-mom)

Still working on my relationship with my sister. She is tolerating me more and more but I still cant touch her and am very good about not doing it. I even try to share my toys with her but she doesn't even care.

New Food:


Garbanzo Beans

Kidney Beans

New Cheeses Provolone, Cream Cheese


Mum-Mums (1st cracker like food)

Still hasnt had a real cracker yet


We are still breastfeeding exclusively beside a sippy cup of water which he loves. We have to keep the cups hidden because if he can see it he cries dat, dat , dat wanting us to get it. Im proud to say we are no longer nursing every 2 hours we have now made it to 3-4 hrs. Yahooo mommy is so happy and nursing is fun again its our special cuddle time. I have been teaching him the milk sign so he will be able to let me know when he wants to nurse instead of trying to rip my shirt off when hes ready. We still nurse once a night around 2am or 3am. I plan to nurse till his 2nd birthday and then he can self wean if he wants but my cut off is by the time he is in leaving for school would be his last time its his choice.


Our bedtime right now is 9:00pm we have tried earlier but he wakes up to soon in the morning. He will wake usually once at night but sometimes its twice. The first time I will nurse him for 10 minutes and put him back in his crib. The 2nd time he wakes I don't get up and let him fall to sleep on his own. I plan to stop night nursing after a year if I feel hes ready.

In other news we have started tantrums at 11 months. My God how did my sweet baby go from this precious sweet baby to this monster child. I swore I had a few more months. He will kick to get out of my arms and then throw himself down on the ground and arch his back and roll all over. It ugly I tell ya. I had my first meltdown due to lack of sleep at my husbands soccer game. He tantrum'ed the entire game and I had no keys to go to the car and it was raining outside so I had to deal with it. I felt so bad because I got beyond frustrated and was embarrassed by my own child that I told my husband that I didn't like him. Ughhh I wish I could take back that statement and my husband didn't understand how I could feel that way. Thank God he fell asleep on the way home and I asked God to forgive me and I will take care of his precious child he hand picked just for me.

I really do enjoy being his Mom and I find myself dreaming the what ifs. What if they would have picked a different embryo to implant in me, What if they would have had us come in the day after for egg retrieval we wouldn't have Landon. I think he is perfect in my eyes and I love him more then I ever thought I could. I cant wait to see all the wonderful things he will be doing next month. The year between 12-23 months is my favorite.

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  1. Ok he is just the cutest! And he's doing so much, What a big boy. I love all the pics. He is a doll.

  2. He is so cute!! He is only 6 lbs less then Eva and about 8 inches shorter and she is going to be 5 on!! Shows how little she is.
    1st birthday coming soon!!!
    Crystal and Eva

  3. Wow, if those photos aren't the cutest! And I just noticed you did this for every month, what a fabulous idea. He is adorable. Nathan will finally give kisses on demand (well he will give me his face to kiss). =)

  4. Thanks for the comment left on my blog re: organics. You have a wonderful blog and your little (or big boy) Landon is SO adorable!! I look forward to following your posts since my little Owen is about 7 months behind Landon, I can get a preview of what's to come! :)


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