Wednesday, May 5, 2010

12 month Photo Session

I love our photographer she captures memories so well. Since Landon has been getting his photos done every 3 months since he was born this will end our sessions and we will only get them done twice a year now. He has grown so much and looks so different then that lil dark haired baby I brought home from the hospitol a year ago.

Landon had a really good nap this day but when he woke up up we had to leave and head to the session. He was hungry and cranky. I tried nursing him and feeding him yogurt melts but he was still grumpy so I am amazed she got such wonderful photos.
and nobody will no about the yogurt melts hidden in the wagon
I totally heart this photo and will be buying a big one for my hallway

It was raining on Easter so I wanted to make sure we caputured his 1st Easter. The bunny is from my preschool classroom her name is Funny Bunny.

and let them eat cake! His 1st bite of sugar and he loved it so much he almost ate the whole cake.

I was changing his clothes and singing to them when he decided to clap along. He looks so old with teeth now. I no longer have a baby but a toddler. Well he always be my baby and I will call him that always.

I think this is by far the best family photo we have taken so far. You just might see it on our Christmas card this year.

Here he is with his Nana & Pops

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Beautiful and adorable pictures! Of course its easy with him as a subject.
    Crystal and Eva

  2. Adorable pictures!!! I am trying to find a good photographer in my area...they are hard to find!

  3. How adorable!! He is starting to look more like a toddler, too. His little teethies are SO cute!


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