Sunday, May 23, 2010


I love taking my son to the park. I try to take him as much as I can. I think because I work from my house and then the fact we have lots of children at the house I cant leave to take him to do anything that it becomes very important to get him out of the house and explore. He LOVES nature, dirt, rocks, gravel, mud and even things I don't like him to get into like goosepoop!
Today it was sand. He likes to touch it, squeeze it and occasionally sample it. Always looking for the hidden things in the sand. As he squeezed a handful of sand it the palm of his hand and carefully watched as it poured from his hand and disappeared, it reminded me of an hourglass. I have waited my whole life to become a mom and now that its here the time is going quickly, just like the sand in an hourglass. Even though most his life is ahead of him I yearn to tip it back over and start again and watch all his first over and over. Us moms try to capture every moment in pictures and video and how blessed we are to have this technology. My mother never took a million photos of me playing with bubbles in the bathtub. She may have captured that memory by one single photo.

What I do look forward to is having a strong relationship with my son. As his babbles and gestures are turning into real words I'm amazed at how quickly are relationship has changed. Before he needed me for nourishment and basic needs, then he required me for entertaining him but now he provides me the entertainment and invites me to embrace his excitement. Right now am I am not just his mom but his friend. We laugh, we giggle, we snuggle and we play together and there nothing as fun as my boy and me.

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  1. What a sweet post this is. I agree how wonderful it is to be able to capture all of these amazing moments and help keep the memories better.
    These pictures are so cute of him in the sand.

    What a great mom you are.


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