Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just wants to play like the boys

My poor baby has not been himself. I cant remember the last time he has not had an ear infection. Wait yes I do; January. We saw the doctor on his birthday and he had a double ear infection in which we have been treating with antibiotics till last Sunday the 9th. We had seen the doctor on May 7th for his 12 month check up and she said his right ear was so-so But his left ear she could not see the ear drum because it was so dirty, so she said. She left the room to get this hook looking metal object that she used to clean out his ear. She looked inside but couldn't see the ear drum but told me to finish the 3 more days of antibiotics. By Wednesday I had had enough he hadnt slept more then an hour and he was fussy and irritated and banging his head on the ground. Every diaper change was a poopy one which is completely abnormal from his once a day 8:30am dirty dipe only. I called them and told them I just didnt feel like something was right he doesnt seem to be himself. They squeezed us in that evening and she checked his ears and said the same thing the other doctor said. She cleaned his ear out but he went completely nuts as she stuck anything in his eft ear. She asked me if anything has come out of his ear. WHAT! No nothings come out of it I told her. WHY? I asked. She said its completely swollen I cant get anything in or see the drum. She prescribed more antibiotics but this time ear drops. I bumped my appt up to this monday the 17th to see the Ear Nose & Throat specialist. I can't wait. I just want him to be pain free and happy. Thanks for all the advice/stories on tubes.

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  1. Poor baby, That's terrible. I'm so glad they are going to help him and get it all fixed for good. I didn't have tubes but my cousin did and apparently they can really help kids who have chronic ear problems.
    He is such a cutie in all these pictures :)


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