Monday, May 10, 2010

Rain in May

It never rains in California has certainly not been true especially this year. Its cloudy and gloomy right now. Which is perfect for training in my opinion. I love working out when its cold. Since its storming and we cant run around outside lil man has been finding others things to do.
Like riding around in this Tonka Truck
or thinking he is so cool because he can climb the stairs and get into the loft now

These pictures of Landon painting bring a smile to my face. I had left out some paintbrushes from the preschoolers earlier. I was busy saying goodbye to my last two daycare parents when Landon had gotten the paint out by himself and started to piant using a roll of paper I had on the floor. What a big boy!!

My poor baby has had 7 ear infections since February. He was just having Left and then Right infection, but the last two infections have been double. He has been on Augmentin twice, Omnicet twice, Zithromax once, an antibiotic drop in the ear and one other antibiotic that I cant think of. Everything has cleared the infection up except the Zithromax didnt work. Just an FYIfor anyone in the future Omnicet is a really bad medicine I do not recommend giving to your children. Both times it has given Landon terrible nightmares. I had read online about the nightmares other peoples children were having but decided to try anyways after the Dr said she had never heard of any child experience that before. Landon has been sleeping through the night about a month now and the last three nigt he has woken up uncontrollably crying and totally scared. Even at naptime his naps are cut short with screaming and once I pick him up to hold him it takes him a loooooooong time to calm down with the saddest hiccup thing that kids get when they cry hard.
The good news is we have an appt with the ENT Dr on the 24th of this month. I assume they will want to have tubes put in his ears. Im not nervous about the surgery but I cant imagine getting him to hold still in the bathtub or pool avoiding water inside the ear. If your children have had tubes put in let me know what you think about it I would love your feedback either way or if you decided against it. Any advice on ear infections at all would be appreciated. Landon is strictly breastfed so he is not put down with bottles. In fact he doesnt get a bottle at all he gets water in sippy cup and breastfeeds. These infections I guess are bacterial infections of the middle ear.

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  1. Poor baby, I hope he gets to feeling better soon.
    I love the painting pictures. So fun!

  2. One of my daughters, Brittyn, had tubes put in last July. I was very nervous about putting an infant to sleep because of the screaming that usually comes after they are awake. Anyways, she did fine. It was an extremely fast procedure and she cried for a little but they let me give her a bottle right after to calm her. She has had 2 more ear infections since but they don't cause her near the pain they did. Our doctor told us not to worry at all about getting water in her ears from the bathtub or a pool. So I wouldn't stress over that. She was never laid down with a bottle either, and in fact our pedi told us that if she has a runny nose, it usually goes to the ears. So if he has allergies and is having a runny nose, or drainage, or keeps getting colds, that is most likely what is causing his infections. Good luck, and I hope I helped you out some.

  3. My sister and I both had tubes in our years when we were 3yrs and 6 yrs. Kia had hers redone once, but I never did. We used ear plugs when swimming, but bath time was no different for us. I don't know how it is now though, that was what.. 17 years ago! I know I definitely did NOT get infections like I had before.


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