Thursday, May 20, 2010


So Beautiful when I can watch my baby sleep. Its pure Bliss! and pretty soon he will be sleeping pain free. We scheduled Landons surgery for June 2nd at 7:45am. He can't eat anything that morning and that will probably be a disaster. My plan is to have my husband wake him up that morning and load him in the car so he wont want to nurse. We have to be there at 6:15am and surgery begins at 7:45am so I will end up holding him at somepoint but I hope being out of the house will help some. Seems kinda silly to stress about it but my boy is always hungry.

He cant wait to hop out of the crib each morning and pull at my shirt to nurse. Then we get dressed and head downstairs to eat. This little boy who is in the 10th% for weight can eat. The other morning we went to Mimi's after church and I had nursed him and then he had a ton of cherrios and yogurt melts in the church nursery. At Mimis I ordered him a scrambled egg, and a half of an avocado, he devoured both of those then ate a sausage, pancake, 1/2 my crepe some strawberries a jar of blueberries, more yogurt melts and some fruit from my moms plate. He swallowed all of it with about 4oz of water I had to cut him off as he threw a tantrum when I took him away from the table. Where does he put it?

Sleeping like a baby

Landons favorite food right now is Watermelon.

He just started hugging his friends when he sees them and trying to kiss them its absolutely the cutest thing ever. He also shook his head No when I asked him a question a few days ago but hasnt done it since. I can already tell how independent he is going to be.

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