Friday, July 23, 2010

Tube Day

Well Landon now officially has his tubes in his ears. I have not had time to blog at all. Landon as well as other comitments have kept me amazingly busy. The morning of the surgery I got ready and had to wake Landon up. I think its the 2nd or 3rd time I have had to wake him up before and it still makes me sad to have to do it. Hes very lucky that he gets to sleep from 8pm to 8am. He wore his Doctor jammies to bed. He wasnt allowed to eat in the morning and thats what we do the second he wakes up every morning. I waited for him to do the sign for milk but he never did. Ryan put him in the car right away and we drove to the hospitol. We had to wait a little bit in the waiting room before they called us back.

My mom beat us to the hospitol so she spent some time keeping his mind off of eating. They gave us really small small hospitol gown and those hospitol socks with the grippies on the bottom.

He was starting to get moody especially since they put the pulseox monitor on his toe.

The nurse that helped us was a previous co-worker of my moms so she was super nice to Mr Sensitive. Landon was pretty much over everything and didnt want anyone to hold him but me.

Nana & Pops showed up and provided some entertaining .....


She was super sweet she even put a hospitol band on his baby doll and listen to his heart. If anyone has a Stinky Kid Max doll like in the picture I will buy it. I cant find Landon another one at all and he loves his Max doll.

She brought in a toy for Landon to play with and told me she is coming back in a minute with a warm blanket that she will wrap him in and then speed off to the surgery room.

One last hug

They let him take his baby with him and in about 10 minutes she was calling me back to recovery. He was in a hospitol crib and I could hear him as I approached the room. He was lying on his back with his eyes closed and had his hands on both sides of his face. I picked him and up but he wasnt even awake just screaming and screaming. I started to nurse him and stroke his face. I switched him to the other side and the doctor came in to talk to me. He said one ear had a small amount of fluid and the other ear was full with thick clear fluid that would have been his next ear infection. He drained the fluid cleaned both ears out placed the tube in both ears. He also did the larygnoscopy and didnt see anything wrong with the anatomy of his throat he peaked through the vocal cords and didnt see anything so the problem could be down further in the throat. Im fine with that answer for now but will always wonder if his breathing is ok.

Ryan finally came back and brought his clothes I dressed him quickly since he was screaming so loud and throwing his head back and forth. I brought yogurt melts for him also but the nurse said liquids for awhile so he doesnt throw up. What does she know my lil man was hungry. We went to Brookfields for Breakfast with Nana and he ate a whole banana, some OJ, a pancake, and a piece of sausage.

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  1. Poor little guy. I hope he starts feeling better now that he has his tubes!


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