Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Annual Christmas Hayride

Here in our town of Antelope we have an annual Christmas Light hayride thrown by The Antelope Lions Club. We have been riding it 8 years now since my God-daughter was 23 months minus the rained out year. Its our tradition to ride the hayride and then look at Christmas lights on Dovewood Ct.. There are 3 horse drawn carriages embellished with lights and pulled by 2 giant Clydesdale horses. The ride is about 45 minutes and we sing Christmas Carols, apparently I am very rusty as I couldn't remember hardly any of the words.
This year we went with a few close friends. One family is a former daycare family and mine and he is already in 1st grade. It was nice to see you Josh, Jenny & Katelyn. This is Cole Landons BFF. They started loading the wagons and we weren't paying attention and we ended up being the last to board which meant we had to split up. The entire ride Landon was screaming "COOOOLLLLLLLLLLE".I had to show you Landon lil Ugg boots that have white claws on them . They are soooo cute even though its hard to see in the picture. He goes around growling at everyone while wearing them.

Our attempt at a family picture. I'm wondering if her lack of smiling is meaning that she is becoming closer to a pre-teen. Landon loves his Ky-Ky very much and looks forward to seeing his sissy once a week when she stays the night.

Even thought my mom was on call for work she snuck in on the Hayride and we begged for them to let her come with us.

Happy Holidays 2010

and shes is smiling now!

The boys did pretty good with Santa and weren't afraid at all. They hugged him, told him Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas and said Bye Santa.

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  1. I have missed you around blogger lately...welcome back!!! Landon is getting so big!


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