Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dovewood Ct Christmnas Lights

After our Hayride we made a pit stop at Denny's and then headed over to see the lights. They had a new house displayed this year and it was fabulous! They had like 300 strands of light hanging from the roof to the lawn. They were all wired into a box that was playing musice. The lights lighted up in one foot sections like piano keys. Landon was so astonished that stood absolutely speechless for 15 MINUTES!

The second house was a polar bear antartic design. He thought that was pretty cool too and stayed for the longest time watching the moving polar bears. His favorite thing though was a curled up sleeping cat underneath the polar bear.

Even though it was late he did so well with being up past his bedtime. We brought the stroller with us but we didnt even use it he wanted to walk and look at all the lights.

I told him only two times while standing there that was the grinch. The next morning he kept saying grinch all day and even saw a picture out at a store and told me grinch.

There she is again being goofy and messen up our picture. She thought she was pretty cool though.

Making Memories

Watchen Santa shake it!

Gazing at Lights!

He loves reindeers.

Watchen his eyes really made it feel like Christmas and my eyes swelled up with pride. Ive waited my entire life to become a Mom for moments like this.

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  1. Looks like some great memories were made. Sorry I have been so busy and its been a CRAZY year so I missed some of your blog. Hope you and yours have a blessed holiday and a happy new year.
    Crystal and Eva


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