Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun with Letters

While we were getting ready for bed and bath, Landon started throwing his foam letters at me. He thought it was hillarious so I asked daddy to quickly get the camera. Try not to laugh I dare you!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I knowI said this before...

...once again its bye bye Binky! We have given up the pacifier hopefully for good. Last time I took it away the poor lil guy had two new teeth come in and he was cranky and made sure we knew it. My mistake was allowing him to have it longer then when he was teething.

We have been over 24 hrs now and not needed it for even a second. I'm worried about in public though. What happens when hes grumpy at a restaurant? What about the gym daycare where he cries anyways? He will not take a human to soothe him. The boob or paci is all that will do. I suppose we could nurse for a few minutes to distract him and move on but what about when I'm not there with him. He will just learn to soothe other ways I suppose.

I already see the difference. He is so LOUD. He squeals loudly when he does things he is proud of. He has put himself to sleep 4x now on his own. I'm so proud of him.

I will miss his cute smile behind his rubberwood pacifier but I love watching my baby grow and watching his sweet smile and that is exactly why we are quitting his addiction. I want him to have a gorgeous smile to be a self soother and be confident. His language is already in abundance but I want him to say so much more.

Speaking of schedule I wanted to jot down what our day looks like right now.

8:00am Wake up, Diaper change out of disposable diaper, Get dressed
8:15am Breakfast Usually Oatmeal, Barley or Quinoa w/ Bananas or Blueberries
8:30am Nurse (sometime we will nurse then eat breakfast)
8:40am Playtime
10:00am Nurse & down for 1st Nap
11:00am Wake up, Change cloth diaper, Back downstairs to play
11:20 Lunch Usually Yogurt, vegetable, fruit or cheese then 4 cubes of HM Baby food
12:00 Playtime & Story
1:00pm Change cloth diaper, Nurse & Down for nap
3:00pm Playtime
4:00pm Nurse & Change cloth diaper
5:30pm Daddy home, *Plays with Daddy while I cook
6-6:30pm Nurse,Dinner time, Finger foods (Vegetable & Fruit) 4 cubes of foods
7:45 Every other Night or so is Bath & Lotion into disposable diaper followed by some playtime
8:00 Storytime, Teeth brushed & Nurse
8:30pm Lights out
2:00am Nurse (This one he he has been sleeping through)
4:00am Nurse

I can't believe he will be 9 months on Friday and looking forward to our 9 month photo session on Saturday. I wish his awesome photographer best of luck he is so quick now days but she always gets the best shots so I have confidence she will make the session awesome.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas Dinner at Nanas

Finally I was able to get some great shots of my baby in front of the tree. On Christmas after a morning nap we headed straight to Ryans moms. I was excited to share Landon with family this Christmas. When we struggled with infertility we never thought this day would come. I wanted a child soo so soooooooo bad. I just never thought it would happen, he is the first grandchild on both sides of the family so he is absolutely cherished by all of us. On Sunday Family dinner we all sit around marveling over everything he can do and anticipating what he will do next. This being his first Christmas makes it so special. I thank God for giving us this miracle, and I'm thankful for his trust in me to raise this child of his.

He has grown so much and Bella is getting smaller and smaller sitting next to him but her jealousy is becoming larger and larger. I wish I could get her to like him but then again I don't blame her shes only 4 pounds and he crawls after her and wants to pull her hair. Hopefully as he gets older we can teach him to be careful around her and she will learn to trust him.

Caprice and I enjoyed a lil holiday cheer. We made some colorful drinks of champagne and Chambord and topped with some raspberries.

Opening his present from his Nana. What could it be?

The cutest chenille froggie hat.
Bella overlooking the present opening. Kinda sad because last Christmas her and our other dog Allie both enjoyed this moment with us. Sadly Allie died unexpectedly for no reason on January4, 09. She was my bestest friend ever and was so looking forward to her meeting my son. I feel in a way she died before Landon arrived so I could give all my love and time to him because she was my everything.

Here is Allie the only pictures I have of her hugging Landon in my belly. Man I miss this dog more then anything. We have a giant stuffed Dalmatian dog in Landons room that is wearing Allie's collar. Every time I accidentally bump into that dog and make the tags jingle I quickly turn to see if Allie is running in the door. Then I suddenly remember she wont and then my mind is flooded wondering what it would be like to have here here and how much Landon would love to crawl all over. She was so good with kids. She even taught my 9 yr old god-daughter to walk and I have been thinking lately if she would have taught Landon to do that too.

This the table all set for our family of 10. We had the best green beans I have ever eaten and whe I get the recipe from my MIL I am going to share it with all of you. I guarntee you will love them even if you dont like green beans.
Landon has the best Nana, she bought him a burnt orange B.O.B Revolution jogging stroller. Now I can get my fitness on with Landon and since this stroller fits to the 80 pound range we will be using it for a long time. I have been in a slump lately and not feeling motivated to start training. Tri-training started last week and I went but the whole time my mind was wishing I was at home on the couch doing nothing, nothing at all. I need some motivation. I keep making exucuses. I have all the support from the family and friends even my coach. The dates are already set for a half marathon and the two Tri's. I just need to "Do it" easier said then done though. I hope things get going and I find my groove soon.

I tried to Leave Landon in the daycare at California Family Fitness and within 20 minutes I got the call for Landons parents to come to the daycare on the overhead announcement. He was holding his breath and screaming. when he saw me he was arching his back leaning for me and reaching. Its heartbreaking but a part of me thinks its funny (I know mean mommy, huh?) The second I grab him from the poor lady I say to Landon this is ridiculous, that's enough. He stops the tantrum in .5 seconds. Then he turns towards the lady and chuckels twice. What? My baby is a meanie pants. I'm not going to let this stop me. I plan to take him to the daycare at least once a week so he gets used to it. I'm going to leave him with some close friends first for an hour or two while I go grocery shopping just so he can get used to other peoples houses/places. Hes not clingy at all but since I do daycare hes always at home all day , all evening.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

UMMMMM word to.....

my mother and anyone else who cares!!!

Landon walked about 2 feet yesterday!!!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Growing everyday

My 8.5 month old baby did some new things today and I dont want to forget them at all.
  • He started bouncing to music and bobbing his head
  • He has to pull up on EVERYTHING.
  • Then he has to climb it
  • If it slides across the floor he is walking behind it
  • He will lean on something with his legs and not hold on with his hands
  • He stood alone for about about 8-10 seconds today
  • He constantly waves Hi with an open hand and now can do it by opening/closing of the hand
  • He said "Hi Dada" to him when he came home from work
  • He can put a ball in a hole, push a button and turn on toys
  • He can climb stairs in the standing position
  • He can walk down a ramp holding to the rail
  • He pick up the smallest items using his thumb and for finger
  • He climbed out of his highchair today and fell to the ground =(
  • Hes hasn't met a food he doesnt't like
  • Hes had avocado, yogurt, asparagus, split peas, greenbeans & mint, eggplant, broccoli, parsnips, pumpkin, papaya, apple, mango, peaches, & squash
  • He has fed himself cooked egg yolk, cauliflower, tofu, pork, chicken, corn, cucumber, zuchini, blueberries, banana & honeydew melon
  • He can play independently for long periods of time.
  • He eaten dog food twice. (I got it out before he swallowed it)
  • Hes very interested in the toilet(Luckly the lid is always down)
  • Hes infatuated with the remotes and telephone, and cell phones (What baby isn't?)
  • Hates diaper changes with a passion
  • Still only 2 bottom teeth

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mama called the doctor

I took Landon to our new pediatrician this morning. I love that they have evening and Saturday appointments. We so could of used those hours when we had to make all those ER visits for fever and the strangest cough I have ever heard of.

Back in November Landon did this weird barky cough similar to croup but it wasn't croup at all. He did it at all hrs of the days and has had it over 3 months when no other symptoms. The strangest thing also is he will spike a fever and it will disappear within a few hours without Tylenol. He will have no other symptoms just the fever and he wont be clingy.

After 4 (or was it 3 I lost count) chest X-rays. Which if you have never taken your baby to get a chest x-ray it is not fun. I repeat NOT fun at all. There is a hole in the middle of table with a tiny bicycle seat you lower your child into the hole and put his bottom on the seat. Just the legs are dangling beneath the table. Then you put your childs arms straight up next to their ears while the put half of a clear cylinder on one side of your child and half of a clear cylinder on the other side. Then they snap the two pieces together so your child is inside of the tube. The tube is tall only their fingertips are outside the tube. They do one x-ray of their back then they come out and rotate the table so they can get a side shot, all while your baby is screaming his head off. This last time I got it done he didn't even cry just sucked on his paci. The girl said its better if there crying so they can get a better picture so I reached in the tube and took out his paci to get him upset.
Here's a video of the strange cough I caught. Even our dog was freaked out by it.


This video was taking back in November when I was attempting to get his first crawl. Since then they have diagnosed him with several things. First was whooping cough which they treated with zythromax! I was totally freaked out by that diagnosis. Then after it didn't go away they diagnosed him with croup. Then after it didn't disappear they called it chronic croup. I didn't believe them and I started searching around the internet for causes symptoms similar to Landons. I found this video and the cough sounded the same. Although this child has it way way way worse then Landon. Then I read up about and found out it was a heart problem. Wasn't exactly sure this what I thought he had. Indeed it did scare me though because Landon was taken away from me about an hour after he was born because his heart rate dropped really low he was pale and his lips were blue. After an EKG and echo they brought him back to me and told me that some babies are born with a hole in their heart that closes after birth and they said he just had a low resting heart rate. He has been fine ever since but that flashed in my head the second I read about the brochomalacia.
After the doctor did an exam and I went over the full history she diagnosed him with trachealmalacia the flaps in the throat are thin and floppy and as he grows they will thicken and become stronger. Once they have grown the noise should disappear and he will have a normal cough. Sounds good to me. I'm glad that I was partly able to diagnosis this and that we don't have to do anything further.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Morning at home

Come on Landon, I think Santa left you a gift in his Sack and stay out of the bathroom its not a separate playroom just for you.

See I told you I think there may be something in the Sac from Santa.

Tear it open

No it wouldn't be a good time to notice the lightbulbs on the tree. You've had all month to tear up the tree and you didn't care about at all. Now get back yo your present.

Oh look there is your sister. I think you better run Bella he sees you.

Definitely run Bella!!

Why you tried to get Bella Mommy opened your present for you.
What do you think of it?

Happy 1st Christmas. I look forward to teaching you about giving instead of receiving in the future and telling you about Jesus birthday.
We played it low key this year. We made Christmas pancakes and then let Landon open the one and only gift we bought him. Hes young and doesn't know any different and he already owns everything possibly he needs so I didn't want to buy toys/junk to clutter the house.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Theres no place in the

.... world I'd rather be then on top of the world on my daddies shoulders.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

The night before

Christmas? I still have more Christmas to blog about. I have finally caught up to Christmas Eve, though. We headed to Ryans cousins house for hors d'oeurves like we do every Christmas Eve. We accidentally showed up an hour early so we drove the neighborhood and looked at Christmas lights. After he got bored in the carseat (Remember he hates the carseat) we decided to just knock on their door anyways and go in. We felt really bad as they were still making food and hanging out in their sweats. Oops oh well its family but we really did feel bad.

They have have two yellow Labs, Gailee & Claurice. Landon was very interested in then but acted like he was a little scared of them. If they came up in his face he would close his eyes and push backwards to get away from them. They were being very patient. He probably doesn't remember being around them at Thanksgiving either.

Both pictures I can see looks nervous but willing to touch. Maybe its because at his house he has a 4lb hairball that will attack him if he tries to touch her. Bella our Yorkie still does not like her new brother , sadly.

He is so handsome in this picture. I just wanna go wake him up from his nap right now and smooch all over him.

On Christmas Eve night he mysteriously came down with a 101.7 temp for no reason. He had no other symptoms. I decided against Tylenol since it hadn't reached 102 yet and he wasn't fussy. He did pass out in Caprices arms and we laid him in front of the tree on his blanket. I thought it was adorable like a Christmas story of the night before Christmas sleeping under the tree waiting to catch Santa that he fells asleep ever so cleverly.

Cant leave without remembering the hors d'veoures . The smoked sausage, bacon wrapped shrimp and wings were de-lish!

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I heart our new Svan highchair

Oh finally oh finally Goores called and said our highchair arrived. Oh thank goodness, I had ordered it back in October and it arrived the day before Christmas. I am lost canceled the order since it said it would only take 2-3 weeks and instead took over 8 weeks. I was a little frustrated since we have had to feed him sitting in our laps, the floor wherever. I imagined when we did get the highchair that he would scream his head off and not like sitting there at all because he would not be used to sitting still. He'll be able to climb in and out on his own without it tipping over. I'm not trying to sell this product but I truly LOVE it and I was so confused on what chair to buy and researched for months before choosing this Scandinavian chair. My favorite so far is he is at counter height so he can see what I'm doing while I'm cooking and I love giving him a snack while Im making dinner and telling/showing him what I'm doing. We have little conversations back and forth.
I was wrong, he loved it! Daddy fed him his first meal in it and it fits him just right. This chair is so awesome the chair pad is machine washable and the tray is dishwasher safe. The seat adjusts 3 ways so it fits him just right. The main reason I chose this was because it was the only adjustable chair that will fit him for life. When hes older I will remove the tray and scoot him up to the table. (I think its very important to eat dinner at the table as a family) Then later I will remove the crotch bar so its just a chair and can lower the seat height as he grows taller. Then when he is a teenager this turns into a desk/computer chair. The tray hangs on the back keeping it handy and clean. It a small chair so it doesn't take up a huge footprint in my small kitchen
Use your hands! Silly boy loves to eat right out of my palm or right off the tray. He will fill his fist with food and then eat like a chicken till its gone. I think its quite funny and has given us all a good laugh.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

8 Months you are

This by far is my favorite month. I love all the things you can do and I love spending every single minute with you. I had you to myself for a week and half during Christmas break and oh what I wouldn't kill to be a stay at home mommy and care for you everyday without any other children around. I know you love your friends though so no worries its about completely impossible that Mommy would ever be able to stay home with you.
K time for your 8 month picture. Don't you stand up there. I need to get your picture sitting in the basket.
Ummmm young Man I said Don't stand up. K, now sit down for mommy so I cant get just 1 picture , pleaseeeeee.

Oh, Thank you, you sure are a cutie. Mommies sad to pack way this very cute Janie & Jack outfit that has fit you from birth. Its size 3-6 months so it must go. Speaking of that I bought some bins this weekend that I dated 0-6 months and saved everything of Landons so far, just in case I have another boy. If I have a girl next time then I'll part with the clothes and keep all of the things that are unisex. Not that we are thinking of a baby anytime soon. I would have to be completely nuts. I have my hands full at the moment. My goal is to get our debt eliminated so that I can stay home with our 2nd baby and we would probably have to sell our house and move to something smaller to make it all possible. I'm fine with that but for the moment I'm completely blessed having a full daycare and spending my days at home. I actually just finished my 2nd part of Accreditation and awaiting a visit from an observer. This will make my daycare Nationally Accredited meaning I meet the most highest quality standards in all areas. This is much more then licensing requires. This has been a long time goal and it takes anywhere from 2-4 years to reach this status.

I just wanted to update some things so I don't forget

2nd tooth came in bottom right 7.5 months and at 8 months 1 week are now teething again =(

You are climbing everything, you can now climb stairs by crawling and as of today walk up stairs holding onto the side by yourself

Using thumb and fore finger to pick up small objects

You love to throw anything you can get your hands on

You Can throw a ball with accuracy and will sit and play catch and throw for awhile

You love to hold on to mommies fingers and walk

When walking with mommy you love to kick a soccer ball and chase it

You throw and kick with your left leg

You will even pick something up with your right hand and transfer it to your left before you throw it

You crawl so fast ever 3rd or 4th crawl you do this cute leg scoot thing
You like to pull up on everything and will let go and stand for a few seconds and cruise and transfer between objects
You like to shake everything like the cabinet doors, your fisher price house

You love to turn off light switches and if you see one you will lean toward it so I can take you to it.

Responding to "no"

Gets upset when something is taken away from you

Can drink from a cup

Can eat lumpy soft finger foods and eat puffs, banana chunks, rice, blueberries, cheerios

Your vocabulary lists consists of, HI, Mom-Mom, daddy, No no no no, Landon, Uh (you just don't have the Oh sound yet to go with it) and Nana.

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