Saturday, February 27, 2010

The jerks

See all the glass on the ground....that would be my drivers window

and this would be my missing airbag!!!!

It only cost my insurance company $7600 to fix. Isn't that CRAZY?

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Mr. Muscles

The other day I showed a picture of Landon popping a bubble, but I didn't mention we were at his gymnastics class. Every Sunday we have participated in a class for 4-10 month olds. I recently moved him up to the 10-36mo class because he was literally crawling, walking and almost knocking over the younger babies in the class. We love the new class there is a 10 mo, 12 mo old and a 15 mo old in the class. We go there early on Sunday morning before church. Since my husband works on Sundays its a perfect way for Landon and & I to spend sometime together. My husband had a day off so I made him come so I could show him all the things he has learned.
Daddy was helping Landon walk across sideyways and Landon kept leaning forward so he could swing and hang from the bar.

Nose to the bar Mr muscles.

climbing up the stairs

walking across the bridge

This is what I find the most amazing. He can walk across the balance beam one foot in front of the other and doesn't step off. None of the other kids can do that. He must have got my high heel walking gene. Ha lol

Read Set go...tuck your head...and roll

We are getting so good at walking that when being held by one hand we are running.

He loves to hang on his own

He loves to be here

Future soccer player here. He definitely got this gene from his dad. Hes great at kicking.

Its almost time to go because its bubble time. This is the only part of the class that he just sits still for. Its like he is mesmerized by the bubbles. When he was 7mo he used to reach out to pop the bubbles but lately he just stares at the bubbles like he is in a trance.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Check back tomorrow to see where Landon is at in this picture

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Swim Lessons

(Do you spy my teeth now when I smile)

Guess where my mom & dad take me every Saturday morning?

Yep thats right, to swim lessons. My dad and I get in the water for a half hour each week for a daddy and me class. We sing songs, practice climbing out of the water, jumping back in & and we even go under water for a quick second. One of my favorite things is practicing kicking and splashing when my dad says "splash". I get so excited each week when I see the pool. I'm just happy the pool is heated to 92 degrees. Mom says I get to go to classes until June. Isn't that cool, I'll totally be ready to swim in Nanas pool by then.

My Nana came and watched me last week and this week my great Grandpa and my grandma came and watched me. We went to their house afterwards to eat lunch but all I wanted to do was play with their Dvd player but mom said No, No, No and gave me her cell phone to play with instead.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monterey Bay Aquarium PIC overload

A few weeks ago we headed to the Bay for my god-daughters 9th birthday. I was totally nervous to take Landon 3 hours from home for fear of endless times of his screaming in the car. To my surprise he slept the whole way there and back. I haven't been to the Aquarium since my freshman year in college for my Marine Biology class field trip. O.M.G. that statement just made me feel so old.

Anyways we packed up and brought our own healthy meals for this trips so we didn't have to stop or eat out. We took my 12 passenger van so we could all carpool together and hit the rode by 6am. Since Landon was just 8 months old for this trip I was curious how interested he would be in looking at the fish.

They had touch pools with 5 different kinds of starfish, sea cucumbers and kelp. Landon loved touching them.

They had a 16ft. deep kelp forest with all kinds of fish. Since the aquarium sits right against the ocean they pump the water right in. The kelp forest sway back and forth and is totally relaxing to watch.

We visited a different tide pool and they had different types of kelp and algae to touch. He was so gentle.

I be he felt like he was underwater.

There was a special play area for Infant only. This area had different touch boards that had things that felt like algae or sounded like the ocean.

Special water play area with rubber floating fish in it

Landon totally loved this play area. It was a giant water filled sac to crawl on.

This area was surrounded by bubbles that floated up. We must have stood there for 15-20 minutes while Landon stood there touching the bubble screen. Don't you just love his big ol' cloth diaper butt. HA! He is such a tiny guy but his butt always looks so huge. My poor lil guy I think will catch up on the growth scale soon. He still wears some 3-6 month old clothes, mostly 6 month and some 9 months or 12 months.

My lil pearl you've grown so much and I admire your beauty within. You have such a kind heart and never pitch a fit. Although I think that may be around the corner. I feel so protective of you and want only the best for you. I may be tired at night but mommy never gets tired of playing with you. I love teaching you new things and I love to watch your face as you try over and over till you figure it out. Your such a smart cookie.

My most favorite is watching you with daddy. I love how you love your daddy so much and smile so big when you see him. You crawl as fast as you can and raise your arms up to show him your ready to be picked up.
We had so much fun on our trip with you and I cant wait to take you so many other places so I can expose you to the world. You LOVE to be outdoors and I think next time you will enjoy the beach and ocean.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Bow Wow Yippe yo yippe UH Oh!

Landon is slightly, no slightly would be putting it lightly. He is completely obsessed with DOG FOOD! Our yorkie is a litle finicky in eating. She typically only eats for my husband and from his hand. Seriously one spoiled little yorkie. I know what your thinking that we should just leave the food and she will eventually eat it on her own. WRONG!! Shes gone days before and when your dog weighs somewhere around 4 pounds she can get hypoglycemic fast. I found a new way to tease her into eating. She already doesn't like Landon much and she knows he is after her food so all I have to do is set Landon down near it and she comes running in and will eat. She runs around him barking and Landon thinks its hillarious. I just think its funny because they are both scared of each other.
While shes eating Landon sits next to the bowl and says "Mmmmmmmmmmmm"

Then he tries to touch her food but keeps looking at me because he knows what Im about to say to him but I dont have to say it. While hetouches the food he says, No, No, No, No, No. Oh he is just so cute. Sometimes he is to quick and I have to use my finger to remove the food from his mouth. I can always tell when he has a piece because he is saying Mmmmmmm over and over. I tell him its not Mmmmmm its Yuuuuuuuucky. So he moves on.

He then crawls over to my side of the bed. We had these stairs made for Bella so she could get on and off the bed but they are to steep for her. Instead I use them to hold the baby monitor.

As he crawls up the stairs he say Uh-Oh, Uh-Oh.

Awwwwww what do we have here, mom-mom?

Have you been spying on me?

Apparantly we dont have dog food or dog steps for Bella anymore, I think someone thinks they are just for him.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Treating Eczema

First, all of you of you were right about your guesses on my picture yesterday. It was a picture of a Leaf lettuce Seahorse, well actually two of them that I took on a recent trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Back to the title of my post. At around 7 months old Landon developed mild eczema on his back and face. I lotioned him everyday but to no avail. I came across a product and it has worked so well I just had to share it with anyone who may have the same thing with their child. When I found out that Landon had eczema I started asking friends what routines they had set up for their childrens eczema and I never really got an answer.

Heres Landons skin prior to what I found that worked

First I bathe Landon in Mustelas Stelatopia line. I use the above milky bath. I had two cap fulls of the oil or 3 if his skin is bad. I use a cup to pour water over his skin and only use my hand to wash him. Using a washcloth can irritate the skin. I don't rinse Landon as the oil will help keep his skin hydrated.

When I take him out of the bath I wrap him in a towel just patting his skin again never rubbing to irritate the skin. I take him to his room where I have my stuff already setup. I start applying regular OTC hydrocortizone cream to his problem areas within 3 minutes of his bath to lock in the moisture. I only apply the hydrocortizone to the areas that have any patches of dryness.

Next I use the lotion from the selatopia line and apply to his entire body. Then put on his diaper and pajamas. The next day I will reapply just the hydrocortizone to the problem areas up to 4x a day everyday until I see improvement. Then I will apply it twice a day, then 1x a day until I just need to apply after baths every other day. In about a week his skin is completely healed. He has no problem areas. I bought all of my Mustela items at BRU when it was buy two items get one free. What a steal!!!

My poor baby got his first ear infection. He was exposed to pink eye a few weeks ago and the bacteria spread to his ear. The 104.3 temp he had last weekend was caused by the ear infection. He was put on an strong antibiotic called augmentin. I also put him on a probiotic called Culturelle. I think its awesome it has not changed his stools one bit. I also like that I dont have to store it in the fridge, its individually wrapped so I dont have to measure it out and I can pack it into the diaper bag as needed. I think anytime you treat with antibiotics you need to also use a probiotic.

All of the things I shared I have not been paid or received free products I'm just a mom who wants to share when I find things that really work as I feel these items do. Its hard raising a baby and getting advice from family and books. I always like to listen to other Moms who have tried things that work or don't work on their children then I don't waste my time or money.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Any Guesses? Since I did a bunch of pictures of Landon yesterday. I thought I would share a picture I took a few weeks ago. Leave me a comment and let me know if think you may know what this is.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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