Thursday, May 27, 2010

Put a sock in it

With the impending surgery for tube placement I want to record all of his current words. With his eardrums full of fluid it makes it hard for him to hear. Once they drain them and place the tiny tube inside he will be able to hear. I have a feeling his language will completely take off.
Still his favorite words are dat, woop woop, hmmm. We call him a guinee pig because he make sthe same sounds weeeeeep, woopw woop woop.

Eat my Words
Also signs for milk, done

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Sunday, May 23, 2010


I love taking my son to the park. I try to take him as much as I can. I think because I work from my house and then the fact we have lots of children at the house I cant leave to take him to do anything that it becomes very important to get him out of the house and explore. He LOVES nature, dirt, rocks, gravel, mud and even things I don't like him to get into like goosepoop!
Today it was sand. He likes to touch it, squeeze it and occasionally sample it. Always looking for the hidden things in the sand. As he squeezed a handful of sand it the palm of his hand and carefully watched as it poured from his hand and disappeared, it reminded me of an hourglass. I have waited my whole life to become a mom and now that its here the time is going quickly, just like the sand in an hourglass. Even though most his life is ahead of him I yearn to tip it back over and start again and watch all his first over and over. Us moms try to capture every moment in pictures and video and how blessed we are to have this technology. My mother never took a million photos of me playing with bubbles in the bathtub. She may have captured that memory by one single photo.

What I do look forward to is having a strong relationship with my son. As his babbles and gestures are turning into real words I'm amazed at how quickly are relationship has changed. Before he needed me for nourishment and basic needs, then he required me for entertaining him but now he provides me the entertainment and invites me to embrace his excitement. Right now am I am not just his mom but his friend. We laugh, we giggle, we snuggle and we play together and there nothing as fun as my boy and me.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I heart My Uncle J

We met Daddy for lunch and then stopped by to see Uncle Jason at his work. He didnt know we were stopping by to see him so he was not there when we first got there. He is recently engaged so he was looking at a wedding location. We sat patiently and waited for him. One of the ladies at the bank gave Landon a sticker. He likes stickers but he HATES when the sticker is stuck to his fingers and he starts whining and panicking. Finally Uncle J showed up and Landon was excited to see him.
Uncle J let him do all the things he does at the bank. Pretend to talk on the phone, type on the computer and sit back with his legs up on the desk.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010


So Beautiful when I can watch my baby sleep. Its pure Bliss! and pretty soon he will be sleeping pain free. We scheduled Landons surgery for June 2nd at 7:45am. He can't eat anything that morning and that will probably be a disaster. My plan is to have my husband wake him up that morning and load him in the car so he wont want to nurse. We have to be there at 6:15am and surgery begins at 7:45am so I will end up holding him at somepoint but I hope being out of the house will help some. Seems kinda silly to stress about it but my boy is always hungry.

He cant wait to hop out of the crib each morning and pull at my shirt to nurse. Then we get dressed and head downstairs to eat. This little boy who is in the 10th% for weight can eat. The other morning we went to Mimi's after church and I had nursed him and then he had a ton of cherrios and yogurt melts in the church nursery. At Mimis I ordered him a scrambled egg, and a half of an avocado, he devoured both of those then ate a sausage, pancake, 1/2 my crepe some strawberries a jar of blueberries, more yogurt melts and some fruit from my moms plate. He swallowed all of it with about 4oz of water I had to cut him off as he threw a tantrum when I took him away from the table. Where does he put it?

Sleeping like a baby

Landons favorite food right now is Watermelon.

He just started hugging his friends when he sees them and trying to kiss them its absolutely the cutest thing ever. He also shook his head No when I asked him a question a few days ago but hasnt done it since. I can already tell how independent he is going to be.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Baby Blues

Where did he get those baby Blues??? He got em' from his momma, thats who! =)

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just wants to play like the boys

My poor baby has not been himself. I cant remember the last time he has not had an ear infection. Wait yes I do; January. We saw the doctor on his birthday and he had a double ear infection in which we have been treating with antibiotics till last Sunday the 9th. We had seen the doctor on May 7th for his 12 month check up and she said his right ear was so-so But his left ear she could not see the ear drum because it was so dirty, so she said. She left the room to get this hook looking metal object that she used to clean out his ear. She looked inside but couldn't see the ear drum but told me to finish the 3 more days of antibiotics. By Wednesday I had had enough he hadnt slept more then an hour and he was fussy and irritated and banging his head on the ground. Every diaper change was a poopy one which is completely abnormal from his once a day 8:30am dirty dipe only. I called them and told them I just didnt feel like something was right he doesnt seem to be himself. They squeezed us in that evening and she checked his ears and said the same thing the other doctor said. She cleaned his ear out but he went completely nuts as she stuck anything in his eft ear. She asked me if anything has come out of his ear. WHAT! No nothings come out of it I told her. WHY? I asked. She said its completely swollen I cant get anything in or see the drum. She prescribed more antibiotics but this time ear drops. I bumped my appt up to this monday the 17th to see the Ear Nose & Throat specialist. I can't wait. I just want him to be pain free and happy. Thanks for all the advice/stories on tubes.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Rain in May

It never rains in California has certainly not been true especially this year. Its cloudy and gloomy right now. Which is perfect for training in my opinion. I love working out when its cold. Since its storming and we cant run around outside lil man has been finding others things to do.
Like riding around in this Tonka Truck
or thinking he is so cool because he can climb the stairs and get into the loft now

These pictures of Landon painting bring a smile to my face. I had left out some paintbrushes from the preschoolers earlier. I was busy saying goodbye to my last two daycare parents when Landon had gotten the paint out by himself and started to piant using a roll of paper I had on the floor. What a big boy!!

My poor baby has had 7 ear infections since February. He was just having Left and then Right infection, but the last two infections have been double. He has been on Augmentin twice, Omnicet twice, Zithromax once, an antibiotic drop in the ear and one other antibiotic that I cant think of. Everything has cleared the infection up except the Zithromax didnt work. Just an FYIfor anyone in the future Omnicet is a really bad medicine I do not recommend giving to your children. Both times it has given Landon terrible nightmares. I had read online about the nightmares other peoples children were having but decided to try anyways after the Dr said she had never heard of any child experience that before. Landon has been sleeping through the night about a month now and the last three nigt he has woken up uncontrollably crying and totally scared. Even at naptime his naps are cut short with screaming and once I pick him up to hold him it takes him a loooooooong time to calm down with the saddest hiccup thing that kids get when they cry hard.
The good news is we have an appt with the ENT Dr on the 24th of this month. I assume they will want to have tubes put in his ears. Im not nervous about the surgery but I cant imagine getting him to hold still in the bathtub or pool avoiding water inside the ear. If your children have had tubes put in let me know what you think about it I would love your feedback either way or if you decided against it. Any advice on ear infections at all would be appreciated. Landon is strictly breastfed so he is not put down with bottles. In fact he doesnt get a bottle at all he gets water in sippy cup and breastfeeds. These infections I guess are bacterial infections of the middle ear.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

12 month Photo Session

I love our photographer she captures memories so well. Since Landon has been getting his photos done every 3 months since he was born this will end our sessions and we will only get them done twice a year now. He has grown so much and looks so different then that lil dark haired baby I brought home from the hospitol a year ago.

Landon had a really good nap this day but when he woke up up we had to leave and head to the session. He was hungry and cranky. I tried nursing him and feeding him yogurt melts but he was still grumpy so I am amazed she got such wonderful photos.
and nobody will no about the yogurt melts hidden in the wagon
I totally heart this photo and will be buying a big one for my hallway

It was raining on Easter so I wanted to make sure we caputured his 1st Easter. The bunny is from my preschool classroom her name is Funny Bunny.

and let them eat cake! His 1st bite of sugar and he loved it so much he almost ate the whole cake.

I was changing his clothes and singing to them when he decided to clap along. He looks so old with teeth now. I no longer have a baby but a toddler. Well he always be my baby and I will call him that always.

I think this is by far the best family photo we have taken so far. You just might see it on our Christmas card this year.

Here he is with his Nana & Pops

Thanks for looking!

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Todays the Day

Its time to party........

......Last night we took family photos with our favorite photographer, Sandy Runner. I cant wait to see her sneak peek of them.

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