Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hooray for Landon!!!!

We are officially potty trained now for 6 weeks now! I did the montessori method for potty traning. Not going to lie it was alot of work but we only wear diapers at bedtime now and after having a naked niney for the last few weeks we have graduated to the cutest boxer briefs in the planet.

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  1. That is awesome!!! Way to go to You and Landon!
    What is this method? I need to know! I need something for Brody!!!!!

  2. WooHoo Landon!! (and mommy!) Just curious, where could I get information on the method you used? Google didn't have really detailed info. Also, I know you always used cloth diapers on Landon. What brand do you recommend. I have always used disposable (I know, they are terrible) but want to switch to cloth to help her with potty training and being able to feel when she is wet.

    Can you email me at secunda536@knology.net or I will just keep an eye on your blog : )

    Thanks & congrats again,


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